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Farewell Lecture

Dr. Monika Frey

(TUM School of Life Sciences, Technical University of Munich, Freising, Germany)


E-Mail: monika.frey@tum.de

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Dr. Hilde Nelissen

(VIB-UGent, Center for Plant Systems Biology, Ghent, Belgium)


E-Mail: hinel@psb.vib-ugent.be

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Prof. Dr. Francois Tardieu

(INRAE, Montpellier, France)


E-Mail: francois.tardieu@inra.fr

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Prof. Dr. Marja Timmermans

(Center for Plant Molecular Biology, University of Tübingen, Germany)


E-Mail: marja.timmermans@zmbp.uni-tuebingen.de

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Prof. Dr. Serena Varotto

(DAFNAE, University of Padova, Italy)


E-Mail: serena.varotto@unipd.it

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Dr. Thomas Widiez

(INRAE at ENS, Lyon, France)


E-Mail: thomas.widiez@ens-lyon.fr

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